FOREVER ISLANDS World's first exclusive NFT collection of Cruise Ship Residences

Each Forever Island is a 3D development of a White Rose Cruise Ship on, a metaverse platform.
White Rose is positioning 10 islands in the form of cruise ships globally on this platform and is offering first NFT as ownership of residence on the ship (which are virtual or on metaverse only).

Virtual Property

Acquire a virtual property ON A SHIP In the forever island Marketplace, you can easily choose your desired property on any one of our ships which are positioned on –using payment methods that are familiar to you make owning an NFT simple and fast.

Fractional ownership is registered against your purchase for the property as a community NFT and would then be registered on our Blockchain with your apartment and ship details.

3D Virtual Ship

The 3D virtual reality of White Rose Cruise Ships

  • Home to a discerning community of individuals, sharing a passion for travel, adventure and discovery. Registration is now open for the pre-sale of a limited number of spectacular NFT Residences.
  • Acquire a Property on and become a member of the ultra luxury cruise ship community in Metaverse
  • Registration is now open for the pre-sale of a limited number of spectacular NFT Residences.
  • Acquire a Property on and become a member of the ultra luxury cruise ship community in Metaverse committed to value creation for all the digital real estate projects we are involved in and our unique reach allows us to bring luxury and anchor tenants to your real estate space.


Terms of NFT

White Rose Cruise Ships making Project Metaverse real by creative, capable of communicating the experience and technology we are offering effectively.

You can have hotel apartment on the “ White Rose” placed on of the forever island of white Rose on its metaverse platform and be a part of an exclusive community called far away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city streets while the community members will have access to the beach club, community developments, exclusive brand partnerships, and luxury NFTs designed for use.

  • NFT issued by White Rose are community tokens issued as an additional privilege of your investment in the Portuguese Fund. This is not a security tokens and are not linked to any physical or real ships.
  • NFT registered as fractional ownership on White Rose Blockchain for membership benefits only.
  • There are limited NFT available through White rose with an minimum investment of $50,000 for 1/100 th fractional ownership of the 26 Luxury apartments on the ship. Total of 2600 NFT are available for each of cruise ship.
  • All investments are sourced and secured through the Portuguese Crown Fund and would be accepted as per to the terms of the Fund.


Benefits of Community Membership

White Rose is offering an hybrid model for their cruise ships where in you can become a virtual owner of an apartment and also enjoy the benefits on the actual physical cruise ship like complete access to the ship’s facilities, privileged rates for booking cruise journeys, invitations to special member events on the cruise ship as and when they get ready for sailing*. We are coining each hotel apartment on our Cruise Ships as NFTs.

Through foreverisland.Earth, we want to create a solid community that opens up a whole field of possibilities.


    Regional and Global networks

  • White rose would be doing a physical event every two months in different parts of the globe. Community members can participate our regional events. By attending our events you can develop your skills and network with professionals, either face-to-face or online. All our local events are listed on our website, where you can search for them by region and topic. Plus, you can easily get involved by volunteering to help manage your regional network.

  • Sector Interest Group

  • Not only does our membership give you access to your local network, but you can also join a specialist group if you work in a particular industry sector. These groups include but are not limited to industries such as construction, finance and food, drink and agriculture. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage with other marketers who work in the same industry as you.

  • Networking events

  • As well as these events and communities, we also host a variety of different events on topics from conferences which enable you to learn about emerging trends, to award ceremonies.

  • Sale of properties/membership

  • We are developing the possibility to resell virtual properties or your membership directly on FOREVERISLANDS.Earth without having to go through an external marketplace however we recommend that you keep these properties for six months to achieve maximum benefits (Sale of your community membership would have no direct impact on your investment in the Portuguese fund and would be dealt independently as per to the terms of the fund)
  • We are busy developing the FOREVERISANDS.Earth

Our Coin

White Rose Coin

Whiterose would be issuing its crypto tokens for Forever Island residents, exclusive to the holders of their NFT.

This would be the virtual currency for their activities and services on the metaverse platform which includes creating personalized NFT gallery pages and also for the real ship.