Perfume for the Cruise Industry

White Rose perfumes is launching its range of Oud Perfumes which are specially created and produced in UAE.

Our present range consists of two limited edition fragrances: Oud Divine ( females) and Oud Intense (Men), which are now available for sale. In addition White Rose Cruise would be introducing two new Oud perfumes every two months and all our bottles are personalised with your or your loved one photo.

In brief

White Rose Launching the ultimate limited fragrance for the people with love of sea

  • London-based cruise company is Introducing a limited-edition luxury Fragrance for people who love the smell of "real" sea.
  • Physical perfume bottles will have your personalised photo.
  • Launching three Oud perfumes for Male, Female and Unisex.
  • Purchasers of the perfume would have their personalised photo along with the delivery of the perfume and will have options to collaborate on the White Rose Metaverse Platform, retaining rights of becoming a community member.
  • In addition White Rose Cruise would be introducing two new Oud perfumes every two months.


How it Works


Choose your perfume


Personalizing your fragrance with your desired name and photo.




Men Oud Intense - $79.99

Our version of this iconic male fragrance really showcases the power of oud. We rather than featuring lots of other ingredients, keeps things simple with focusing on the potency of oud with a perfect combination, for men who never settle with mediocrity.

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Females Oud Divine - $79.99

Building on excellence in creating the world’s finest oud perfumes, White Rose announces the official launch of its new luxury fragrance — Oud Divine — which caters to the discerning tastes of today’s women.

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Unisex LEGEND'E - $79.99

This precious fragrance is equally used in male, female and unisex fragrances – making it the perfect scent for people who have a knack for Oud perfumes.

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Our range of cruise Collection perfumes welcomes you aboard a unique voyage to journey beyond the expected, in places beyond the ordinary. Exclusively blended for the world’s finest ultra-luxury cruise line

Smell Great

Receive your first limited edition oud 100 ml fragrance bottle ( 1500 sprays) with your membership. In addition you would get receive two sample of our next edition of perfumes after two month ( 5 ml) to help with your future orders.