Leisure & Hospitality

hotel and casino

World-class Hotel and Casino

An Elegant, world-class Hotel and Casino will be operating aboard along with a large convention center, capable of hosting sporting, entertainment events and trade shows. Our Hotel will offer 600 Rooms and Suites along with 4 Restaurants and other facilities.

Guests will have access to our iconic Replica of the Taj Mahal on our main Deck, along with our Greenhouse Garden, featuring the First-Of-Its-Kind Cannabis Concierge Program On a Cruise Ship.

An onboard Spa, gymnasium and other sports facilities are available for guests to enjoy, complementing their healthy lifestyles and well-being.


Dinning Options

On Board the White Rose Cruise, multiple dining options are available. Celebrated Chefs and their team of culinary wizards will offer a mouthwatering array at each of the ship’s signature restaurants.

These signature restaurants will provide Fresh Cuisine from around the world with distinct styles ranging from fast food to fine dining with amazing and ever-changing views of the oceans and ports.

White Rose Cruise will feature a Signature Café a part of our First-Of-Its-Kind Cannabis Concierge Program. This modern-style café will feature a Selection of Bakeries & Sandwiches with a specially curated Coffee & Tea Menu. As part of the Signature Program, a selection of items on the menu will contain our onboard-grown cannabis.