Holographic Services

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Imagine being able to interact with your team or colleagues without really being there physically. Not Possible, you say? Well then, allow us to Explain. Due to the Pandemic in the recent years, the modern workspace has undergone a major transformation of how employees perform their tasks and duties. Online video conferencing tools help enhance communication among employees that are working remotely, however, many aspects of face to face communication, such as nonverbal communication, body language, and more, are harder to detect or are missing altogether. While, in recent weeks, physical meetings are happening, there is always the fear of a safety risk lingering. Therefore, even with Social Distancing Rules and masks present, meetings among a large number of participants is not feasible.

At White Rose Cruise, we have a solution for you.

HLC is emerging as the global leader in the development, known as well for the marketing and production but also by broadcasting of realistic, life-sized, interactive 3D holographic video shows and effects. These interactive 3D Holographs create spectacular, immersive, multi-media presentations with 3D holographic images so real, our virtual holographic meetings feel like actual gatherings and are definitely safe. Step back for a moment and consider all the challenges of having 5 or 10 people in different cities all interacting in the same time, such as collectively watching a live presentation, passing 3D objects back and forth, and taking turns talking without constant hiccups. With HLC holographic capabilities, the participants can now interact the same way as if they were here in person without the use of additional equipment, such as 3D Glasses or visible Cameras …

3D Displays

3D Displays

Technological advancements have always added great Marketing value to products and Brands.

With our range in 3D Holographic technology, elevate your product visibility with a more appealing and interactive platform. Your clients will not only appreciate the added visuals but will also enjoy the interactivity with the product.

Holographic display is the answer and will become essential in the future of marketing. White Rose Cruise would help to prepare a complete 3D Digital Profile of your products and services. In addition to providing you with the Display Units, we will also assist in the Content Creation and publication as well as Unit maintenance and monitoring.

There are multiple options for exhibiting your product at White rose cruise:


The Holocube

The holocube is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that makes your product look like never before. It combines the most advanced modern projection techniques in a contemporary sleek housing. This enables the product to be the sole focus of the projection.

The HoloCube is a one sided holographic display, which lets you combine a physical product with 3D holographic content. The chamber can be seen from the front and back.

Hologram pyramid

The Hologram pyramid

270° pyramid hologram display showcase is a holographic 3D display viewable from 3 sides. It allows you to combine a physical object with 3D holographic content.

It is originally designed for smaller objects such as jewelry, perfume, watches, toys and mobile phones, but FMCG products could also be displayed.

This Display Unit will also allow you to showcase your full catalogue, which will be accessible from the touch screen below the display area.

These display units will offer a 3 - sided view of the products showcased. It is also available in Multiple sizes.


The Holofan

The Holofan Hologram Display is one of the recent Hologram solution for brands and retailer advertisement in the world.

It is one of the best and most sought after 3d hologram advertising player, based on chip and LED technology. It uses an SD card to allow 3D video to appear floating in the air, the effect can be said to be quite unique.

The content on multiple Hologram Player installed together can be synchronized to form big amazing 3d image. It can draw customers' attention well. It is really a best choice to increase brand exposure in an innovative way.

Hologram Wall

The Hologram Wall

this 3D Holographic Display will allow you to showcase your show stopping content on a much larger scale. Using the same effects as the Holofan, the hologram Wall will form a big image with amazing 3D Effects.

Due to the size of the wall and the effects created, this display is a show stopper and a great option for brand exposure.


The Holowater

Water Hologram projection will be displayed on giant waterfall providing accurate color representation. As the screen is transparent, the optics effect will happen and visual penetrating ability of the screen will make the picture look more solid.

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

White Rose Cruise provides Hologram Exhibition halls. It is a system that combine augmented reality technology with conventional holographic display. White Rose Cruise would help you to prepare a complete 3D Digital Profile of your products and services. This will allow your clients the possibility to see any customizations or amendments they make to the products prior to purchase and prior to your manufacturing the customized Item. As an Example, Let’s say that the product on display for sale is a car. As with all vehicles, it comes with a various set of options – the colors for the interior and exterior, the dashboard displays and many others. With this augmented reality technology, the client will be able to see and amendments he or she makes to the car before signing or making a commitment. The Client will be able to visualize all the details as If the actual vehicle is in front of him.

Elevate your brand products with a Holographic Display in one of our Exhibition halls. You will have a special place field with all your catalog, ready to be seen by any potential client. The product profile, which includes 3D Photos of your products, would be Exhibited on all White Rose Cruise ships. The holographic exhibition halls can be integrated into stages, auditoriums or conference rooms where future clients can see, hear and interact with a full-sized 3D holographic.