White Rose is introducing it's own coin for the cruise ship

White Rose Cruise launches the first Cruise Coin to be used for all products & services on White Rose Real physical ships and for its digital metaverse blockchain Platform hence creating value for its community.

Our Company

White Rose Cruise is a Global Cruise Company

We are working to strategically locate 10 ships in the next six years.

  • These ship would be doing short trip itineraries
  • Spending as much time docked at different ports of call
  • Guests can explore and enjoy the local cultures in addition to their cruises.
  • Each ship is unique with different features
  • Exclusive White Rose Club members can enjoy the facilities across all our ships

Flagship Cruise

The White Rose Taj, our flagship cruise

The White Rose, our flagship cruise, is designed to be the world’s only cruise ship with full replica of Taj Mahal on Board.

  • This incredible State of Art Vessel boasts a Stunning 5* Hotel, exhibition center, Ayurveda clinic, shopping center, and many more.
  • The ship is being built with a special green house for onboard production of Cannabis and would have a Cannabis caffe along with other special features like duty free.

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Cruise Weddings

Exclusive Cruise Weddings

For the most important days of your life, and an occasion this special calls for an extraordinary venue as we are only cruise liner designed for weddings!

Every element of the day will be planned and executed with acute attention to detail:

  • Event-specific menu offerings prepared by on-site chefs
  • Customizable bar packages including top-shelf liquor and fine wines
  • Entertainment offerings to create the party atmosphere you are looking for
  • Transform the space to reflect your vision and theme for the event with interior design and decorating

White Rose Spa + Vitality Center Holistic Experiences & Amenities. Holistic Wellness Experiences and Encounters Move Beyond Traditional Spa.

  • White Rose Spa + Vitality Center helps guests attain an enriching balance and live life to the fullest through a range of programs and services that support all dimensions of wellness – from restorative body treatments to nourishing menu choices and enlightening adventures ashore.

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Each Forever Island is a 3D development of a White Rose Cruise Ship on Metaverse.

White Rose is positioning 10 islands in the form of cruise ships globally offering first NFT as ownership of residence on the ship.

  • Metaverse is essentially merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality, and blurs the line between your interactions online and in real life.
  • White Rose Cruise is a hybrid model where you can become a virtual owner of an apartment on the cruise and also enjoy the benefits on the actual physical cruise as and when its get ready*.
  • You can have hotel apartment on the “ White Rose” placed on of the forever islands of white Rose on its metaverse platform and be a part of an exclusive community called far away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city streets while the community members will have access to the beach club, community developments, exclusive brand partnerships, and luxury NFTs designed for use.
  • NFT issued by White Rose for ForeverIslands.earth is a membership or a community token and not a security token. NFT holders have no rights on to the real ships as and when they get ready to sail on the high seas.

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Golden Visa

Golden Visa by Investment Crown Fund Portugal Sponsor: White Rose Cruise

The Golden Visa by Investment offers, small businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide an opportunity to invest in a fund in, Portugal. This investment of €500,000 in Crown Fund would will gain a residency permit for a family including dependent children for Portugal.

Follow these steps to get The Golden Visa

  • Invest in the Crown Fund (Portugal Fund Specialising in investments) into green and zero emission Cruise Ships
  • Follow the Legal Steps
  • Complete the Fund Investment
  • Submit Your Application
  • Visit Portugal
  • Get Your Golden Visa

Steps towards your Portugese Residency